Connecticut’s Peter Schiff Economic Analysis 2012

Peter Schiff Interview on 2012 Analysis of Economy

Peter Schiff has been right in the past about many of his financial predictions.  He once again promoting is unpopular opinions that the economy is going to get worse.

Peter Schiff’s arguments is that even if the stock market goes up, it doesn’t matter because the value of the dollar will fall faster than the stock market goes up.  This means you may earn a little more in your stocks, but it pales in comparison to what everything around you is costing.

How this Affects the Roofing Industry around America in 2012?

Shingle Prices have risen in the last year by as much as 10-25% in many areas across the country.  Some of this is due to demand, but much of it is due to the cost of labor and material is going through the roof.

This is going to make it harder on Roofing and Construction Companies in 2012.

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