Ct Peter Schiff Real State of the Union 2012

Connecticut’s Own Peter Schiff Analysis of the State of the Union 2012

Peter Schiff is a well known economist known for his accurate financial forecasts.  He did have a run for Senate a while ago, but due to his unpopular doom and gloom Predictions for the economy, he is not well received by the masses.

Peter Schiff critics the SOTU 2012 Speech of Obama and Gives his own video call the Real State of the Union.  Many people are getting tired of hearing his ever dismal forecasts for the economy of the United States, but it doesn’t change the fact he often is right.

Well on the Brighter not, at least interest rates will be low for a while longer, keeping the economy afloat for just a little while more.  But if Peter Schiff is right, it’s not going to be pretty at all in the not too distant future.


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