George Soros Predictions for 2012 Leave a Little Hope

George Soros Made Some Pretty Tough Predictions for 2012

Is it all Doom and Gloom for 2012?  There seems to be a looming recession which may actually be slowly turning into a world wide depression.

Well Multi Billionaire, George Soros, Has Recently put in his 2 cents about the not too distant future for the United States and abroad.  Things according to his perspective do not seem to look to good, but there may be a glimmer of hope.

The Hope Mostly comes from democracy spreading around the world and if the people of the world learned from their mistakes in 2011.  If they didn’t then there does not seem to be much room for hope in 2012.

George Soros in a Recent Interview

Soros insists the key to avoiding cataclysm in 2012 is not to let the crises of 2011 go to waste, writes John Arlidge.

“In the crisis period, the impossible becomes possible,” Soros said. “The European Union could regain its luster. I’m hopeful that the United States, as a political entity, will pass a very severe test and actually strengthen the institution.”

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