Hail Storm In Willimantic Connecticut 2011 Video

This Video was Shot in Willimantic Connecticut in July of 2011

This is not enormous hail, but it is pretty good sized for Connecticut.  There are not very many hail storms that hit Connecticut residents, but there are the occasional bursts.

Hail storms that bring stones the size of Dimes or bigger can cause damage to the matting and fiber mess holding the shingles together.  Also, the Ice pounding the shingles can wash away the granules exposing the asphalt to UV radiation.

This can cause the shingle to age prematurely.  Insurance industries understand this, so they have a criteria that a roof is required to meet in order to qualify for a “total loss.”

This means the Insurance company will pay for the roof to be replaced if there is enough storm damage.

Have you had your roof inspected in Connecticut this year?

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