Video Hail Storm In Connecticut in July

This Hail Storm drop some Big hail in Connecticut

Connecticut is not known for hail storms but they do have their occasional ones.  This one in July of 2012 dropped some pretty good sized hail.  This size hail is enough to damage some types of shingles.

This is especially try of shingles that are older, dryer, and more brittle.  This is not usually of concern to homeowners after a storm unless hail damages windows and puts holes in the siding.

The problems can actually occur years down the road because of the shingles being compromised from granule loss and matting damage from the ice falling on the Shingles.

This is not a disupted fact, that hail can damage shingles, as home owners insurance policies have set criteria for the amound of hail damage needed to deem the roof a total loss and in need of repair.

Fortunately for Homeowners in Connecticut, most insurance companies will pay the replacement cost value of a new roof.

Have you had your roof Inspected for Hail Damage in Connecticut?

3 thoughts on “Video Hail Storm In Connecticut in July

  1. We had hail today, may 26th 2012. In east Hampton ct we had quarter size hail. Ready for a free inspection?

    • Hey,
      Heard about the Hail Storm in East Hampton. Largest Hail Reports so far are about .88 inches. But If there was some quarter size that could damage Roofs and Gutters.
      Give us a Call For a Free Roof Inspection.


    • Hail Spikes!
      Posted on May 26, 2012 | Leave a comment

      One of the easiest ways to detect large hail on doppler radar is with the presence of a hail spike. The storm that produced large hail in East Hampton today showed several hail spikes at the time large hail was pelting down. Here’s a 3.1 degree base reflectivity scan from OKX at 20:41Z showing the hail size. The purple is DBZ >65. The hail spike is the light blue that extends downradial of the hail core.
      Read Whole Article:

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