Willimantic Storm Leaves Holes in Roof and Trees down

Willimantic Storm last July caused Severe Structural Damage

This storm caused sufficient damage to the city of Willamantic in Connecticut.  This type of damage is not too often found in Connecticut, but this storm brought some strong winds.

Other notable damages include downed trees and fallen tree limbs on cars.  As the man noted in the video, there was extensive structural damage to the roof and gutters of the building.

Many people are not aware, but insurance companies do pay to repair and replace storm damaged components of your house or business.

Maybe a few shingles blew off last July on your Home in Willimantic, but you never noticed until your roof was leaking in the 2012 winter.  Don’t worry, it’s not too late to notify your insurance company of prior storm damage.

Have you had your Roof inspected in Connecticut Recently for storm damage?

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