Chevy Volt Conflicting Review who do you believe?

Chevy Volt Reviews seeming to Conflict One Another

Chevy Volt – Who can you believe these days

I watched this Video and thought the Volt looks like a good vehicle right?  Well then I came across this next video.  The interesting thing is the Videos are both recent with in the last month or so, but seems to have totally different vantage points.

It seems these two stories should talk to one another and try to come to a concensus.  So Just what are the facts, does anyone know who you possibly can beleive?  On the one hand its the most award winning car of 2011, on the other hand customers are complaining?

4 thoughts on “Chevy Volt Conflicting Review who do you believe?

  1. Yes..both are true. I love mine, but the paint is bad. Drips and flaws in over 5 places. Scuff marks on trim and a dent on the black trim when I picked it up. Not good detail quality coming out of the plant. GM Rep. not much better either. He was pretty badand out of touch. Not sure they realize that a $45,000+ car should be perfect not acceptable to say… "They all have these issues". They have to be at the level where BMW and Benz is if they are going to charge those prices. With that said – the Volt is a game changer, but won't be in the game with below average quality.

  2. Don't get me wrong… I love it and would buy another one, but I would inspect it first.
    They had mine siting in the dark when I picked it up. Should have questioned that from the start.
    Trade in price after four weeks of ownership? $28,000.00 That's all they will give me for it! List price was $45,170.00

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