Leaking Chimney repair – Stop Leak in Flashing

This Chimney was flashed wrong Resulting in a roof Leak


So what went wrong with this Chimney Roof Repair?

The Flashing was installed over the siding, but that in and of itself may not be what cased the roof leak.  Also underneath the shingles is very important.  If there is not Ice and water shield underneath the shingles in all the valleys and around the Chimney that could cause a roof leak.

Ice and Water Shield is a sticky plastic or rubber that goes underneath shingles and sticks to the wood underneath.  This is put in the valleys becuase water tends to accumulate from the roof their.

Video of the Roof after Chimney is Repaired.


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One thought on “Leaking Chimney repair – Stop Leak in Flashing

  1. We are often seeing moisture damage in roofs, because people do not inspect their roofs regularly.
    By getting on problems quick, expensive roof repair can be avoided.
    A simple roof inspection 3 or 4 times a year, can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in repair. This post is a good reminder for individuals to do this.

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