Ron Paul Steals the Hearts of Jews and 7th Day Adventist

Watch the Vote Count for Ron Paul for Observant Jews and Seventh Day Adventist.

The Seventh day Adventist and Observant Jews seemed to really like Ron Paul in this vote count.  Ron Paul went on to take third place for the state of Nevada, losing by a large margin to Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich, but in this vote was the clear winner.

This is the only vote count filmed, but Ron Paul is the Clear winner among the Seventh Day Adventist and Observant Jews.  Since the Vote was on a Saturday, these religions practice no work on the Sabbath, which is Saturday.

This caused their votes to be counted at a different time then the rest of Nevada’s.

Why Would Ron Paul Come out so Far ahead amongst Jews and 7th Day Adventist?

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