Roof Install Tips and Tricks: Latest Roof Deck Protection vs. Older Felt Paper

Roof Install Tips and Tricks: To tar paper or to Use Roof Armor?

What is your preference Traditional Tar Paper or the Roof Armor?

This is a debate that depends who you talk to what is the best method.  The roof Armor is very durable and longer lasting than traditional Tar Paper, but it comes at a price.  The manufacturing of the poly underlayment cost considerably more then old fashioned tar paper.

If the shingles are installed properly, the felt may never get wet; however, many times a little water can get in aroun the valleys and flashing.  That is where Ice and water sheild come into play.  But sometimes even shingles may get loose or blow off.

That is when it having roof armor could pay off as it can be exposed to the elemints for nearly half a year before deterioration.

There you have it for you Roof Install tips and Tricks

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