See Something/Say Something campaign (Communities Against Terrorism) New Flyers

See Something/Say Something – AKA Communities Against Terrorism has Brand New Flyers

These Flyers Help you Identify potential terrorists so you can call the police on them.  The help unsuspecting citizens find out what are so key red Flags for obvious terrorist.

If you don’t have the Time to read the whole flyer, don’t worry, I have a few highlights below.

“One flyer alerts Internet Cafe owners to be on the look out for, and report, customers that always pay for their coffee with cash, as they could be terrorists! Really???? Don’t most people pay with cash?

Another flyer for Owners of Dive/Boat Shops tells them that they should look out for people interested in becoming certified scuba divers or looking for accelerated diving courses, as they could be terrorists! Nah… they couldn’t just be folks who are going on a vacation soon and need some quick instruction!”

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