DIY Home Improvement Tips Blunders and Bloopers

Still Thinking of a DIY Home Improvement Project?

There are many people that are attempting do it yourself these days when it comes to Home Improvement Projects.  This concept is trending not only in the U.S. alone, but also even spreading around the world.

A new program in Britain is going to center around DIY Home Improvement projects.  Also Ireland seems to be jumping on the band wagon.  However, officials warn the Irish may not be as DIY savy as they might like to think.

DIY Home Improvement Blunders and Bloopers:

“Setting fire to the patio, flooding the kitchen, making home appliances explode — when it comes to DIY disasters, Irish people know how to shoot for the top.

A new survey lays bare just how much of a menace we pose upon being let loose with drills, spirit-levels and step ladders.

A study by AA Ireland reveals a catalogue of home-improvement disasters, including hair-raising, eyebrow-singeing forays into amateur pyrotechnics, impromptu demolition and at least one attempt to recreate the closing 20 minutes of James Cameron’s Titanic, complete with soaked carpets and furniture bobbing in the water.”

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2 thoughts on “DIY Home Improvement Tips Blunders and Bloopers

  1. As a DIYer my advice to anyone is do the research first. I have built extensions and many many jobs over the years but you need to study the correct way to do them. This used to be from books from libraries but now the internet is available. However, beware of getting duff information from the internet and I trust proper textbooks , written for building courses, far more than what I read on the internet. You do need good tools too but hire the expensive one unless you are doing a lot of DIY.

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