DIY Home Improvement Trends Up, but Not good for Gutters

DIY Home Improvement Trends are up for the year, But are Gutters Worth It?

There is a new article out about the growing trend of DIY Home Improvement Projects.  There is no doubt a lot of interest in the DIY market because the of the economic conditions in the United States.  This trends will most likely only increase over the next few years.

Why you Shouldn’t DIY your Own Gutters

There are several reasons why hiring a professional gutter company  might be a good idea.  A following is an excerpt of one of the best reasons not to DIY your Own Guttering.

“Transporting Gutters
Gutters consist of long pieces of molded metal. Transporting seamless gutters is nearly impossible since they are made in one piece to avoid seams. Instead of trucking lengths of pre-shaped gutters across town, many professional installers unroll and cut aluminum gutters on site. Because they are a single piece, it also takes more hands to install them – which brings us to…”


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