Is Giving Tenants Repair Duties Good Idea for Landlords?

Is it a good Idea or even Legal for Tenant to be assigned Repair Duties as Part of Lease?

Sometime Tenants like to ask to do DIY Home Improvement Projects and minor repairs for Landlords, but is it really a good Idea.  A new article states that it may not always be the best idea and in some states it is even Illegal.  If the Tenant is required to perform repairs and maintenance then it must be spelled out in the lease agreement.

Things to think about before assigning Tenants Repair Duties.

“Q: The lease for our single-family house specifies that we will do “routine maintenance.” The landlord claims that this includes fixing the roof and doing exterior painting. We had no idea that he saw it this way; we were thinking drain repair and so on. When we refused to reroof the garage, he told us he’d sue us for the water damage that will result from a leaky roof. Can he?

A: Your question illustrates the dangers of handing over maintenance duties to tenants without a clear understanding of what those duties involve. Fortunately, the problem is relatively rare, because most states do not allow landlords to contract away their duty to maintain a fit and habitable rental. Of those that do, the statutes limit the practice to single-family homes, and typically require that the duties be spelled out in writing and that the arrangement be a fair bargain (in other words, the tenant must be paid for the labor or get a good deal on rent).”

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One thought on “Is Giving Tenants Repair Duties Good Idea for Landlords?

  1. Hello, here n at, we find mostly that tenants would really only take on the interior decoration of the rental property, landlords or maintenance companies would be dealing with the upkeep of the exterior of the property, and this would include grass mowing, roofing repairs, and other bigger maintenance jobs. We have found this is generally due to the landlord being responsible for insuring the property, and the maintenance of the property would be part of the terms and conditions.

    Bernie Dunne

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