Business is Booming in Louisville ky Due to lots of Hail Damage

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Business is Booming in Louisville Ky from recent Storm Damage

The Severe storm in Louisville has brought in construction workers by the droves.  People are coming from across the country to help restore Louisville.

Auto Shops are claiming this is more damage then they have had since 1996. This will pump 100’s of millions of dollars in to the local economy and will really boost construction jobs.

The Last comparable economy boost due to a storm was a few years ago in Phoenix when a massive hail storm pumped over 2 billion dollars into the local economy.

There were stories of almost 90% of local roofing companies closing down prior to the October 2010 Hail storm due to recession.
Just a few months after the storm 1000’s of new jobs were created and even adds on the news requesting more employees for roofing companies needed.

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