Connecticut High Schoolers Get Construction Experience

A Career Fair for the Construction field in Connecticut Was Recently Held


Students attend construction-based career fair:

Not everyone that graduates high school these days has to attend a college.  With student debt from increasing college loans, people are weighing other options for their future.

The average college student could graduate with 40,000$ in student loans and still not be able to find a decent job.

Knowing this economy is week, the construction field may not be the worst place to get some experience for a young aspiring student.  Many construction companies are interested in hiring new younger workers.

“DURHAM, Conn. (WTNH) — As you grow and learn as a high school student, it’s a really good idea if you can get some hands on experience in different fields before you head in one direction.

That was the case Wednesday for approximately 1,000 kids across the state who have an interest in the field surrounding construction.

“The kids have always received this, well we actually know a lot of kids that came to this years ago and are now working in construction,” said Lelah Campo, President of the Association of Builders, Contractors, Inc.

Over a two-day period high school students from all over the state come to the career fair at the Durham Fairgrounds to see what it’s like to work in various construction jobs.”

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