Construction News: Is Business is Booming for Construction Across U.S.

There is a debate if the Construction is Picking up Pace Across the US

Many Economist have said that when the economy is in good shape one sure sign will be that the Construction industry will be in full string.  There is so new research indicating that construction is at a level of growth not seen in a few years.

Roofing has picked up for the last year, mostly due to the record number of catastrophic storms across the U.S.  In fact several major cities in the U.S. have had billions of dollars pumped into their local economies from large insurance companies pay to restore homes and commercial properties.

Is there any New growth in the United States?

Well the short answer is yes.  But there are some critics that claim this is only due to the exceptionally warm weather this winter.  This caused the construction industries to not slow down during the winter, which traditionally occurs in the United states.

Here is the some of the Latest Construction News that shows hope for contractors in general.

“But Mr. Ashworth noted that the overall trend in housing starts had been running at approximately the same annual pace — about 700,000 — over the last six months. That is 100,000 more on average than the pace for the previous six months.

Mr. Ashworth said the higher level suggested demand was increasing and the mild winter had less effect than some economists had thought.

“We expect starts to strengthen further this year,” Mr. Ashworth wrote in a note to clients.

Even with the gains, the rate of construction for all homes is only about half the 1.5 million annual pace that most economists consider healthy. But the increase, along with rising builder confidence and stronger job growth, is a sign that the home market may finally be starting to recover nearly five years after the housing bubble burst.”

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