How To Dig and Install Post Holes For Fence

Thinking about Installing a Fence in the Near Future?

Fences are a nice touch to the outside of any home.  There are many reason why a fence may be a good option for your home.  Some include getting a dog, keeping in small children, or possibly even securing out strangers.

1.The First step to installing any fence is finding out what would the desirable material to build the fencing out of.  There are three main types of fencing, wood, vinyl, and metal.  There are also several grades of each so spend some time figuring this out.

2.The Second step is measuring out the property line where you would like to install the Fence.

3. The Third Step includes figuring out how far the panels will space the poles and how many panels and poles you will need for your fence.  Once you have the amount of poles and spacing you should be ready to get started marking off the Post holes.

4.  The Fourth Step is Measuring out the distance betweens the post holes.  Use a string and make a line between the corner Units of the Property, this will ensure the Posts are dug in a straight and square line.  Mark of the distance between the post holes with a flag or paint along the String attached to the corner units.

5  The Fifth Step is digging the post holes.  You will want to ever size each of the post holes and dig to a depth of about 24 inches.  The extra space will allow concrete to be poured in around the posts.

6.  The sixth step is Placing the Posts in the Holes.  Make sure the Poles are at a depth of 24-18 inches, depending on the type of fence.  Pour the Powdered concrete in the post hole and set the post where desired.  Make sure the Post is in alignmnt with the other posts before putting water in the hole.

7.  The seventh step is Pouring a gallon or so or water on the quick set concrete.  No need to mix the concrete it will set on its own if you buy the right kind.  Before all the posts set, make sure they all are in alignment by running a string along them.

Now you should have all your posts ready to go to install the Panels.

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