DIY Landscaping Tip – 10$ or Less Spruce up your Garden

It’s that Time of Year when people are worrying about their Landscaping.

Here is a quick tip about how to add a little personal touch to your Garden that wont cost you much more then your time.  Also this tip will help add a special touch to your garden so nosy neighbors wont have to ask what plant is which.

DIY Plant Labels

Bottle lid tag

“Here is a great way to recycle your bottle lids. Just go to your local dollar store and buy a pack of craft sticks for $1. Take your cleaned and dry lids and write the names of your plants with a permanent marker. Use a hot glue gun and glue the rim of the back side to the tip of the craft stick. Let dry and place them in your garden. It will only cost you $1 to make multiple tags!”

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