Economy in Louisville Ky See Boost – Roofers Need apply

Louisville Sees Major Hail Damage leading to Economic Stimulus

The News In Kentucky reported roofing companies are hiring in Kentucky due to the recent hail storm.

This damage caused by this storm is more than anything witness in the last few decades.  Cars and homes are hit hard by ping pong to tennis ball size hail.  There are numerous companies hiring empoyees for dent removal, Roofers, Siding Installers, Window Replacement, and anything else that could possibly damaged by hail.

As Reported in News:

“LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) — Need a job?  Violent spring storms have created quite the economic opportunity in our area as companies are now competing for employees.

“It sounded like a bunch of horses running all over my roof,” says Leslie Markum.  The April 28th hail storm that rocked Kentuckiana left him with a big repair bill.  It’s taken him three weeks to call and get an insurance adjuster to mark the problem points.”

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