Hail Hits East Hampton Connecticut Get Free Roof Inspection

Large Hail For this part of the Country fell In East Hampton May 26th, 2012

Reports of hail ranging from .88 inches around all the way to quarter size hail pelted homes in East Hampton Connecticut this past weekend.

Connecticut sees very minimal hail storms, so this is actually pretty large hail for the New England area.  Weather has been hitting Connecticut Hard this last year, with a hurricane, massive snow fall and now Hail on top of that.

Roofs could be either wind damaged or possibly hail damaged causing cosmetic damage, Premature aging, granule loss, and even future leaks.  If there is storm damage, insurance companies will pay to repair or replace roofs.

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Hail Spikes!

“One of the easiest ways to detect large hail on doppler radar is with the presence of a hail spike. The storm that produced large hail in East Hampton today showed several hail spikes at the time large hail was pelting down. Here’s a 3.1 degree base reflectivity scan from OKX at 20:41Z showing the hail size. The purple is DBZ >65. The hail spike is the light blue that extends downradial of the hail core.”

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