Hail News: Auto Glass Sales Through the Roof In St Louis

St Louis Sees a spike in Auto Glass Sales From recent hail Storm

This kind of storm does not hit the country too often.  A storm of this proportion is usually reserved for cities in Oklahoma and Texas, but this One will go down in the History books as one of the costliest hail Damage Storms to date.

There are many Automobiles completely hammered by the large hail.  Many of the older vehicles will have to be totaled.

News On Auto Glass Sales Soar in past few days:

“Fox 2 stopped by Auto Glass Now repair shop in Bridgeton where the cars and customers were lined up. Saturdays hail and thunderstorm left many with cracked windshields and dented hoods. Glass is at a premium and wholesale vendors like Pilkington glass saw a 600 percent increase in sales.

‘We typically we do 15 to 20 repairs a day now its about 60 to 70 today. Saturday to Sunday when the storm happened our phones have been blowing up constantly,”  said Auto Glass Now Regional Manager Joe Dills. “The problem is that we didn’t get glass until today so we’ve been bombarded with customers windshields and black glasses needing repair.””

Read More : http://fox2now.com/2012/04/30/massive-rush-for-car-repairs-after-hail-storm/

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