Homemade Water Container from Rain Barrels

Wondering how to Build your own Homemade Water Container to Catch some Rain Water?

There seems to be a growing trend in the United States, of people wanting to catch the rain and use it for watering, showering, planting, and many other things.

The Interest in the Rain Catcher Idea is both becuase of the push for everyone to go green, and also the survivalist are paranoid they could run out of water.  Also Gardeners are talking about the benifits of using rain water to Water their gardens vs city water with all it’s chemicals.

The Rian Barrel Idea is a great and cheap method to help store some of your rain water.  In many other countries in the world, Rain water is harvested by individual homeowners.  This is now just starting to become something poeple in the United States are interested in.

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