Use “How To” Search trends to boost Your Construction Projects

How To Trends on Youtube are one of the Hottest trends Online

Ever Search for how to do something Online?  Maybe right beofre you start a project, or in the Middle of somthing complicated and need a little advice?

Well you are not alone.  DIY projects are among the Hottest trends searched online.  It is even much more popular than music videos on Youtube.

That’s right, before someone starts a DIY project, they often times search How To first.

Use “How To” search trends to boost business

Spring has sprung and crowds are already heading to their  local hardware stores to get started on home improvement projects. But before  shoppers put together their list, where do they start? Many DIY-ers actually  start with a YouTube search.

As I’ve mentioned  before, there are actually three times as many searches for the term “how  to” than there are for “music video” on YouTube. And many savvy local businesses  have started to use this interest in how-to videos to reach people in the moment  that they’re looking for information. I thought I’d share some advice from one  of our most prolific DIY brands on YouTube to show how they’ve used video to  drive shoppers to their stores.


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