Louisville Hit by Baseball Size Hail, Insurance Claims Mounting

Insurance Claims are climbing after the Louisville hail Storm a few Weeks ago.

The Insurance Estimates are Climbing for Kentucky as Roofing companies are slammed from all the new roofing claims.  Insurance companies are paying to replace vehicles, Repairing roofs, and Inspecting properties damaged by storms.

If this is like many other storms, the total losses will keep climbing, and insurance estimated damage will most likely be on the rise.  It is quite possible it could reach over half a billion dollars of claims before it’s over.

As Seen on the Recent Kentucky News:

Nearly a month after the worst hail storm to hit Jefferson County in several years bashed cars and homes with hail as large as baseballs, the resulting cost is climbing past $175 million.

The massive damage has swamped insurance adjusters, body shops and roofing businesses, as Kentuckians file claims and try to fix their dinged-up cars and battered shingles.

The PCS unit of Verisk Analytics said the $175 million estimate applies only to insured losses. The amount of losses of the uninsured would likely add many millions of dollars to the total cost of the storm.

Read Original Article : http://www.courier-journal.com/article/20120526/NEWS01/305260089/Hail-storm-takes-toll-175-million-Louisville?odyssey=tab|topnews|text|News

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