Massive Solar Storm Coming Soon Could Paralyze Economy

This Doctor Believes that a massive Solar Storm is Heading toward Planet earth.

There have been several satellites knocked out from huge solar storms, but this doctor believes that there could be a much bigger solar storm on the way.

This monster Solar Storm would be something larger than has happened in over a hundred years.  In the 1800’s there was a similar solar storm that burned down telephone lines and other electrical objects.

This one is quite the nail bitter if you really believe this guy.

On a lighter note,  Solar panels should produce off the charts in an event like this so you may earn a few extra bucks if you already have went green by selling electricity back to the grid.

If the grid is not fried I suppose….

2 thoughts on “Massive Solar Storm Coming Soon Could Paralyze Economy

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  2. 2012dec the earth will start to cross throught the center of the dark riff 12/21/12 it is dark because it is littered with space debris that consist of stationary rocks and boulders even asteroids and some objects witch are planet size just look for meteorite storms in 2013

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