Mitchell Hammered by Tennis Ball Size Hail – Adjustors Say it’s Bad

Michell Was Hammered by a Hail storm this May Leaving Much Damage

According to one roofing company the insurance adjustors are saying this is some of the worst damage they have seen as far as hail is concerned.

That means in Roofing terms there is a whole lot of work for roofing companies.  One company claims to have roofed over 100 homes Since May 5th.  Now that’s pumping some money into the local economy.

ABC News Article:

“Roofers, insurance adjustors – they all say the same thing. The hail damage in Mitchell is some of the worst they’ve seen.

Two weeks ago, the city was pelted by hail stones the size of baseballs, and many believe the recovery could take up to a year.

That damage means work for contractors. But if you aren’t careful about who you hire, you could be setting yourself up for more problems.

Roofing crews are a common sight outside homes all over Mitchell these days. Contractors like Darrell Hohn say after the hail came a flood – phone calls from people needing his help”

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