NPR Study Indicates Construction on the Rise in United States

Is the the NPR study Really showing a Recovery for the Construction Industry in the United States?

The latest research from NPR released this week indicates that construction could be on the rise.  There are mixed reviews as to the true economic factors that underlie the boost in Construction the past few months.

The research indicates that new homes being built are on the rise across the United States for the Past month.  However, critics argue the economy is not picking up and the growth in construction is really just due to the rather warm winter.

Usually construction slows down in the United States due to the snow and ice, but critics argue that contractors worked all winter long because of warm weather.  This resulted in what looks like construction growth but actually is only growth due to weather.

The Latest NPR Article:

“U.S. builders began work on more homes last month, evidence that the battered housing market is slowly healing.

The Commerce Department said Wednesday that builders broke ground at a seasonally adjusted annual pace of 717,000 homes in April from March. That’s 2.6 percent more than March’s total, which was revised higher. Construction rose for both single-family homes and apartments.”

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