St Louis News Hail The Size of Baseballs Total Cars

There are More reports of hail the size of Baseballs in St Louis

There are a lot of reports of hail the size of baseballs and even grapefruit totaling cars in Maryland heights.  St Louis was hit hard with hail and may be one of the costliest storms to his the state of Missouri in a while.

There are estimates that American Family Insurance has 25,000 claims in St. Louis alone.  This kind of damage is not typical to this part of the country.

Cars are being totaled out because the cost to fix the dents is more then the car is worth.

Hail the Size of Baseballs Destroys Cars:

“A frustrated Scott Hall looked at holes the size of baseballs in the back window of his Honda, “This is one of my cars. The other one is a total loss, too.”

He could not believe the size of the dents left in his car.  One looked like grapefruit, “We are looking at massive damage.”  Hall lives in Maryland Heights.

Another nearby resident showed us the frozen pieces of hail she saved from Saturday.  Even with some melting, some pieces appeared to be the size of a baseball.”

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