Wethersfield School Leaks In Need of Roof Repair

The Wethersfield High School has been found to be in need of Repair.

The Repairs to the Roof and exterior may be more than just minor.  Upon Investigation the school has been found to be “crumbling” on the Outside of the building.

NBC Reports the Following:

“The New England Association of Schools and Colleges gave the school a close inspection and the results aren’t good. The outside of the building is crumbling, chairs in the auditorium are held together with electrical and it hasn’t been a safe place to be.

“You go in, the roof is full of mold there are no doors,” Rodrigo Rivera, a student, said.

Rivera told NBC Connecticut that the roofs leak and there’s no temperature control, which has made learning very difficult.”

Read More at NBC  http://www.nbcconnecticut.com/news/local/Wethersfield-to-Decide-on-Repairing-School–148706375.html

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