Analysis says Connecticut Power Outages Due to Record Snow

The 2011 Power outages in Connecticut Were due to Unforeseen Weather Events.

The Latest analysis of the massive power outs across the state of Connecticut last October is out.  The report states that due to the record snow falls on trees still containing leafs, there was not much the power companies could have done to prevent the problems.

Analysis also adds that the snow fall exceeded what the predictions were, resulting in no outside help being called in until after the storm.  The report states that trees should be trimmed close to main power lines more often, and that more help should be brought in before a massive storm in the future.

“However, snowfall amounts exceeded forecasts, and by Saturday afternoon, utilities began to see that more manpower would be required to address the rapidly increasing outages,” it said.

Many utilities then began requesting mutual assistance, but “because the storm was so widespread — and demand was so great — there were few regional crews immediately available,” regulators and the utility group said.

But restoration of transmission lines was “not materially hampered by inadequate utility preparation or response,” it said. More staffing or field crew in advance of the heaviest snowfall would not have significantly improved restoring transmission systems, the report said.

It said there is room for improvement in storm preparedness.”

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