Free Roof In Ct

Is there Really Free Roofs in Connecticut?

Good Question!

Let’s Look Into it

1.  Why would anyone even mention a Free Roof in Ct?

Some people are claiming they are getting free roofs from the storm damage incurred during past Wind and Hail storms.

2.  Is it really a Free Roof?

How could you get  a free roof from storm damage even if your roof is severely damaged?  Shouldn’t someone pay?  There is someone that pays and that is the Insurance Company of the Homeowner.  If the Insurance Company deems there to be sufficient damage from a natural event they may elect to pay for a repair or total roof replacement.

3.  There is no such thing as a FREE ROOF in CT from storm damage. –

The Fact is the Insurance company pays for the new roof and the Homeowner pays for the insurance policy.

If you think you ave possible wind or hail damage you may want to have a professional look at your home confirm or deny if your home is in need of repair.

4.  Now there is a Company that sometimes gives a free roof to a needy homeowner once a year in Connecticut for a less fortunate family.  This is not insurance related however.

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