Five Reasons to Use Foam When Insulating Your Home

spray foamWhen it comes to insulating your home, there are several options to consider. Foam boards are an excellent option for crawlspaces and lining basement walls. If you are dealing with poor attic insulation, your best bet will usually be rolls of fiberglass insulation or blown cellulose. However, there are times when the benefits of  spray foam insulation make it clear winner.

Ideal for Hard-to-Reach Areas

You don’t want to use spray foam to insulate large areas between rafters, but it is ideal for those smaller areas that are difficult to reach. If bees nested under the siding and have bored a hole through the wall, then spray foam is the ideal solution to fill that small, difficult to reach hole in the corner. Expanding into open areas, it will fill every nook and cranny, including areas that are irregularly shaped.

The Choice for Small Spots

Older homes are notorious for being energy hogs, and part of the problem is that smaller areas were not insulated. This includes the gap around window frames and the void created by outlets. Using spray foam, you can easily fill in those tiny areas and eliminate air movement.

Easy to Use

Spray foam is extremely easy to use. Unlike rolls of fiberglass that will leave you itching, spray foam never needs to be touched. Simply spray a small amount into the void, wait for it to expand and then add more as necessary. Once the foam has finished expanding, you will use a knife to cut away the excess before replacing trim or switch plates.

Save Money Now and Later

Cans of spray foam cost between six and ten dollars, so they are a very affordable option when you are insulating small areas. Even small areas of air loss can drastically increase your heating and cooling bills, so the spray foam will help you save money every month moving forward. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable any given room will become when you insulate around the windows in that room.

Invest in Spray Foam for New Construction

If you are having a house built, invest in professional spray foam insulation services. Available only through specialized companies, spray foam can be used in place of traditional insulation rolls in new construction. The spray fills every nook and cranny, creating an airtight barrier that will maximize your home’s energy efficiency. The spray lasts longer than traditional insulation and is more effective. It also creates a wonderful sound barrier that will make your home quieter when the windows are shut. Local installers may even have foam that is fireproof, so your home can enjoy an added layer of protection.

When it comes to home insulation, there are several reasons to consider using foam instead of fiberglass. It has a high insulating value, and it will expand to fill those odd shapes and difficult-to-reach areas. If you feel like your home has a draft coming in around windows or other areas, use foam to block that draft and make your home more energy efficient.

Jim Stason is a writer for a Phoenix insulation company. He loves writing about everything to do with construction.


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