5 Creative Ideas to De-clutter Your Kitchen Space and Add Style at the Same Time

Does your kitchen clutter seem to take on a life of its own, multiplying overnight? Do you have overflowing cabinets, drawers, and shelves that have no rhyme or reason? Having a disorganized mess in the kitchen can make it difficult and less enjoyable to cook meals and spend family time there. It can also make your kitchen feel like it’s shrinking because you lack space.


If you are trying to bust the clutter in your kitchen once and for all, a stylish organization system is a step in the right direction. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune or a lot of time de-cluttering your kitchen. Here are some creative ideas to de-clutter your kitchen and add simple style at the same time.


Creative and Stylish Kitchen Organization Ideas


Organization in the kitchen doesn’t have to be ugly. In fact, there are several ways to keep the kitchen organized while adding a personal touch to the entire space.


Baskets and Boxes

Visit any home décor store and you’ll immediately be drawn to the multitude of storage options available in baskets and fabric boxes. There are limitless ways you can add beauty and charm to your kitchen, as well as adding a layer of organization, with baskets and boxes. Choose mix and match styles with fabric covers that come off for washing. Stack them on shelves, racks, and on tops of kitchen cupboards.


Spice, Plate and Pantry Racks

Getting items out of cramped cupboards and into an area where they can be appreciated visually may seem like the opposite of organization, but it’s the way kitchen designers are improving kitchens today. Try installing a space rack above your stove top for easy reach of cooking spice and a plate rack above the sink to show off pretty dinnerware. Use over the door pantry racks to store cooking needs and extra canned goods.


Window Sill Storage

Your kitchen windows can be the perfect spot for storing many items in your kitchen that cause clutter. Line up a pretty set of glass canisters in different heights, or try a row of herb plants to breathe life into your kitchen. You may also want to add your small appliances there to get them off counters and keep cords neat.


Corner Shelves and Cabinets

Many kitchens have unused spaces in the corners of dining areas and pantries. Take advantage of this by installing a corner shelf or cabinet. For the ultimate in style, choose those that blend well with your existing woodwork or kitchen colors. Or try a totally modern cabinet made from reclaimed wood with sturdy metal legs and wheels.


Cupboard and Drawer Tamers

Chances are, your kitchen cupboards and drawers are stuffed full with items, but you can never find what you need. This is where some creative organizing can help restore functionality and the neat appearance in your kitchen. Measure your storage areas then head for your local home DIY store for special drawer and cabinet organizers. Adjustable kitchen organizers generally slide into place or may require a little light fastening with screws. In minutes you’ll have the right place for everything you need to make your kitchen work better.


Designing your kitchen to be more organized takes a little planning to consider how you like to use this space. With the right kitchen organizing elements combined with designer touches, your kitchen will feel larger and become your favorite spot in the house.


About the author: Lindsay Parrich has written for the home and garden industry for over 10 years. When she’s not writing, you can find her covering humane pest deterrents such as www.bird-x.com and their coyote silhouette products.

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