Roof Snow Removal Service in Connecticut 2013

Need a Roof Snow Removal Service in Connecticut this 2013?


Roofs are great to keep the elements out of the home, but don’t fair so well when piled high with mountains of snow.  the 2012 Storm hit Norwich and Montville particularly hard.

With snow falling at a rate of 3-5 inches it didn’t take long to pile up.  Over a foot of snow was reported in Montville ct by the Fox News as of 8 pm.

When Snow Piles up over 2 feet your really need to consider the limitations of your roof.  Steep roofs will usually let the snow slide off the sides before it can pile to high, but flat roofs are extremely susceptible to the extreme weight loads of the heavy snow fall.

Roof snow removal Is very common in places like Alaska, as snow can pile up all winter long burying the house, but it pretty uncommon in the state of Connecticut.

In 2011, Governor Malloy asked for residents to have seriously consider the option of having their snow removed from their roofs.

Several Barns collapsed back in 2011 due to the unusual snow pack.  The real concern is with older homes that do not have the steep roofs that can shed the snow before it drifts. New homes usually can stand at least 30 pounds per square foot.

The older homes and flatter roofs are not able to shed the snow and can become vulnerable.

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