5 Creative Ideas to De-clutter Your Kitchen Space and Add Style at the Same Time

Does your kitchen clutter seem to take on a life of its own, multiplying overnight? Do you have overflowing cabinets, drawers, and shelves that have no rhyme or reason? Having a disorganized mess in the kitchen can make it difficult and less enjoyable to cook meals and spend family time there. It can also make your kitchen feel like it’s shrinking because you lack space.


If you are trying to bust the clutter in your kitchen once and for all, a stylish organization system is a step in the right direction. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune or a lot of time de-cluttering your kitchen. Here are some creative ideas to de-clutter your kitchen and add simple style at the same time.


Creative and Stylish Kitchen Organization Ideas


Organization in the kitchen doesn’t have to be ugly. In fact, there are several ways to keep the kitchen organized while adding a personal touch to the entire space.


Baskets and Boxes

Visit any home décor store and you’ll immediately be drawn to the multitude of storage options available in baskets and fabric boxes. There are limitless ways you can add beauty and charm to your kitchen, as well as adding a layer of organization, with baskets and boxes. Choose mix and match styles with fabric covers that come off for washing. Stack them on shelves, racks, and on tops of kitchen cupboards.


Spice, Plate and Pantry Racks

Getting items out of cramped cupboards and into an area where they can be appreciated visually may seem like the opposite of organization, but it’s the way kitchen designers are improving kitchens today. Try installing a space rack above your stove top for easy reach of cooking spice and a plate rack above the sink to show off pretty dinnerware. Use over the door pantry racks to store cooking needs and extra canned goods.


Window Sill Storage

Your kitchen windows can be the perfect spot for storing many items in your kitchen that cause clutter. Line up a pretty set of glass canisters in different heights, or try a row of herb plants to breathe life into your kitchen. You may also want to add your small appliances there to get them off counters and keep cords neat.


Corner Shelves and Cabinets

Many kitchens have unused spaces in the corners of dining areas and pantries. Take advantage of this by installing a corner shelf or cabinet. For the ultimate in style, choose those that blend well with your existing woodwork or kitchen colors. Or try a totally modern cabinet made from reclaimed wood with sturdy metal legs and wheels.


Cupboard and Drawer Tamers

Chances are, your kitchen cupboards and drawers are stuffed full with items, but you can never find what you need. This is where some creative organizing can help restore functionality and the neat appearance in your kitchen. Measure your storage areas then head for your local home DIY store for special drawer and cabinet organizers. Adjustable kitchen organizers generally slide into place or may require a little light fastening with screws. In minutes you’ll have the right place for everything you need to make your kitchen work better.


Designing your kitchen to be more organized takes a little planning to consider how you like to use this space. With the right kitchen organizing elements combined with designer touches, your kitchen will feel larger and become your favorite spot in the house.


About the author: Lindsay Parrich has written for the home and garden industry for over 10 years. When she’s not writing, you can find her covering humane pest deterrents such as www.bird-x.com and their coyote silhouette products.

Five Reasons to Use Foam When Insulating Your Home

spray foamWhen it comes to insulating your home, there are several options to consider. Foam boards are an excellent option for crawlspaces and lining basement walls. If you are dealing with poor attic insulation, your best bet will usually be rolls of fiberglass insulation or blown cellulose. However, there are times when the benefits of  spray foam insulation make it clear winner.

Ideal for Hard-to-Reach Areas

You don’t want to use spray foam to insulate large areas between rafters, but it is ideal for those smaller areas that are difficult to reach. If bees nested under the siding and have bored a hole through the wall, then spray foam is the ideal solution to fill that small, difficult to reach hole in the corner. Expanding into open areas, it will fill every nook and cranny, including areas that are irregularly shaped.

The Choice for Small Spots

Older homes are notorious for being energy hogs, and part of the problem is that smaller areas were not insulated. This includes the gap around window frames and the void created by outlets. Using spray foam, you can easily fill in those tiny areas and eliminate air movement.

Easy to Use

Spray foam is extremely easy to use. Unlike rolls of fiberglass that will leave you itching, spray foam never needs to be touched. Simply spray a small amount into the void, wait for it to expand and then add more as necessary. Once the foam has finished expanding, you will use a knife to cut away the excess before replacing trim or switch plates.

Save Money Now and Later

Cans of spray foam cost between six and ten dollars, so they are a very affordable option when you are insulating small areas. Even small areas of air loss can drastically increase your heating and cooling bills, so the spray foam will help you save money every month moving forward. You will be amazed at how much more comfortable any given room will become when you insulate around the windows in that room.

Invest in Spray Foam for New Construction

If you are having a house built, invest in professional spray foam insulation services. Available only through specialized companies, spray foam can be used in place of traditional insulation rolls in new construction. The spray fills every nook and cranny, creating an airtight barrier that will maximize your home’s energy efficiency. The spray lasts longer than traditional insulation and is more effective. It also creates a wonderful sound barrier that will make your home quieter when the windows are shut. Local installers may even have foam that is fireproof, so your home can enjoy an added layer of protection.

When it comes to home insulation, there are several reasons to consider using foam instead of fiberglass. It has a high insulating value, and it will expand to fill those odd shapes and difficult-to-reach areas. If you feel like your home has a draft coming in around windows or other areas, use foam to block that draft and make your home more energy efficient.

Jim Stason is a writer for a Phoenix insulation company. He loves writing about everything to do with construction.


Image Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ebuie/3645521498/

Ways to Find Good Electricians & the Services They Offer – Guest Post

It is quite obvious that you will want your website to be arranged in such a way that it attracts both your existing and prospective customers, and makes them visit your site repeatedly. This will certainly be possible with a well planned website. The greater the number of visitors for your website will be the more will be your sales. However, there are some typical things which you need to ensure in order to create a properly designed website.

Tips to Make Your Website Attractive

  • Select Keywords Intelligently:  Think intelligently about what are the keywords which your visitors may use in order to search for the services you provide. It is a good idea to imagine yourself to be a customer and then think of the words which you would have used to search for the services. The keywords may not carry the exact definition of the services you provide.
  • Enrich Your Content:  Your content should be such, which aims to be informative rather than to announce how well you are in your business. The content should effective in reflecting the facts which set you apart from your competitors. You may add some images to increase the attractiveness of your content. But it has to be kept in mind that search engines read only the text. Therefore, it is advisable to have a text accompanying each of your images.
  • A Helpful Sitemap:  The purpose of the sitemap is to provide the links to each and every page of your website. You can certainly keep your sitemap hidden but it has been seen that a visible sitemap is a more effective one.
  • A FAQ Page:  Having a page for the frequently asked questions will enable your visitors to find the information they are seeking in quicker time. Such a page also helps to get good rankings in search engine.
  • A Purposeful Design:  The design of your website should have a definite purpose. In most cases, the visitors will be visiting your site just for once, so, you will want them to find what they are looking for in their first visit itself.
  • Legitimate Links:  The links to your site should be legitimate ones otherwise the search engines may ignore your site completely. It will be wise if you do not purchase links in bulk.
  • Email Capturing:  As mentioned earlier, most of the visitors will visit your site for once. The strategy to capture email will enable you to stay in connection with the visitors who visited your site. You can keep marketing your products or services to them. The best way is to provide them something absolutely free of cost such as an eBook, a report, or a discount voucher.
  • Easy Navigation:  The visitors must not find any difficulty in reading and navigating through your website. The links provided by you should be relevant and the language used should be easily understandable. It is best to have the links in blue colour and all of them should be underlined.

If a website is developed keeping all the above mentioned tips in mind, then the site is bound to be impressive and will certainly attract your customers.


Author’s Bio : Freida Jones has been writing articles on Web Development Leeds and her articles are good source of information on the topic. She suggests her readers to visit Audacia.co.uk to get more information on the same.

Bluffers Guide – Warning Signs for Home Emergencies

Buying a house is one of the most exciting things you can do in life but can also be quite a stressful and worrying time. A property is the biggest investment you will ever make so it needs to be the right decision. There are several things you need to look out for before you dive in and make an offer on a house which could make the difference between a good investment and a costly mistake. Many people now are opting to rent instead but don’t think this doesn’t apply to you too as renting can also throw up the same issues as although it is not your house on paper, you still have to live in it.


Damp is probably the number one factor which puts potential buyers off houses and sometimes rightly so. Rising damp, which is moisture moving up the walls from the ground is incredibly hard to get rid of and requires a lot of care and attention. It can be done but it requires money and dedication, more than many people are willing to put in. Damp can cause health problems if not treated, especially in people suffering from asthma or breathing difficulties so is something to consider even if you are just looking to rent.


Although not an easy task, always check the roof if you are seriously thinking about putting an offer in on a property. Either get up there yourself or pay someone to look over it for you. Loose or missing tiles or just a general look of wear and tear are not promising. The bottom line is, if you are going to need the house reroofed in the next few years, think about reducing your offer or not putting one in at all – or get a quote from some experts.


Older houses are inevitably going to have cracks in some places because they just do, that is the nature of buying a house which isn’t brand spanking new. However, some cracks can be signs of more worrying things such as subsidence which need to be addressed. If the cracks are large or deep, make sure you get a professional in to have a look at them – many are completely harmless but you need to be sure.


There are two types of rot, dry and wet. They are both the cause of fungal decay, but wet rot is far less serious and can be treated quite easily. If you think there may be rot you need to identify which type it is as dry rot has to be treated using a lengthy and often very expensive process. It is sometimes hard to spot rot because, along with damp, it can be covered up fairly easily by decorating. In the same way damp can, rot can make you feel quite ill so even if you are only looking to rent the property it may be detrimental to your health if not sorted.

Energy efficiency

Becoming energy efficient isn’t just a buzz word the government have come up with, it is actually very important, whether you are looking to buy or rent a property. If a house is not energy efficient, your bills are likely to be much higher than if it is. Consider the implications of living in a property which isn’t very efficient so you can decide whether it is worth moving there or not.


With these tips under your belt you should be better equipped to deal with any problems as and when they arise, since they won’t be a surprise – or avoid committing yourself to them altogether. Thanks very much to distinctivedoors.co.uk for sending us these tips. Which of the above would be most likely to put you off a new home?

Harness the Power of the Sun – Installing Solar Energy is Easier than You Think

solar panelsThere are many reasons to consider installing solar options in your home. Not only will adding solar options cut costs from conventional energy sources but you will also be doing your part to contribute to saving the environment. According to the International Energy Agency, “the development of affordable, inexhaustible and clean solar energy technologies will have huge longer-term benefits. It will increase countries’ energy security through reliance on an indigenous, inexhaustible and mostly import-independent resource, enhance sustainability, reduce pollution, lower the costs of mitigating climate change, and keep fossil fuel prices lower than otherwise.” To do your part to help the global fight to save the environment, learn more about installing solar energy in your home or business today.

The Basics of Solar Energy

Solar Energy is nothing new. In fact, it’s one of the oldest forms of harnessing power. Since ancient times, humans have used a range of techniques to harness the power of the sun. Solar technologies are broadly broken down into two groups: passive or active, depending on which way they distribute they energy that they capture and convert. Some of the most popular technologies in use today include solar thermal electricity, solar heating, and solar photovoltaics, all of which make serious contributions to aiding our current fight to conserve our earth’s resources.

Easy Solar Energy Installation

In recent years, it has become increasingly easy to install solar energy in your home or office. With expert contractors trained to install solar panels, the installation is quick, easy, and painless to you, with little physical alteration done to your home. The solar power panels are simply attached to the roof, and a control system is added. Once installed, the maintenance of the solar panels is minimal, making it easy to take care of in the years to come and may have warranties of up to 25 years.

Going Green Doesn’t Have to Cost Lots of Green

Although many people moving to solar energy is an expensive process, it can be very affordable if done properly. Payment plans and state incentives ease the financial burdens of eco-friendly living, making it a more accessible option to the Average Joe. You will save money you would have otherwise spent on conventional electricity options, and after tax breaks from the IRS, you can save extra money, making solar energy an even more affordable option. Of course, many argue that the initial financial cost is little to pay compared to the great damage the environment would have to pay if you didn’t install solar energy. So do your pocketbook and Mother Nature a favor, and go ahead and install solar panels in your home or office today.