Large Hail Storm in Wallingford, Ct Get Roof Inspected

Large Hail Storm Blasts Wallingford, Ct Get Your Roof Inspected.

This hail storm on July 1st hammered Connecticut.  Wallingford was right in the storm path.

This kind of hail is not common to Connecticut.  Many people have had their cars looked at for hail damage, but ignored their roofs.

Insurance companies are paying to replace people roofs that have enough storm damage from the recent hail Storm

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WaterTown Connecticut get hit with Golf Ball Size hail Video

The Storm lasted for Several Minutes in Watertown Connecticut.

This Summer has been a crazy one for hail across the U.S.  Would you believe that Connecticut had hail big enough to damage roofs.  That does not happen much in New England, but we had some golf ball size hail and a lot of it.

If you have not had your roof inspected by a professional roofing company you should call one.  Insurance companies have standards for hail damage being sufficient to warrant a total roof replacement.  Many shingle manufacturers will not warranty roofs damaged by hail.  Better have someone take a look.

Hail the Size of Golf Balls Hits Connecticut 2012

This is one of the worst hail Storms to hit Connecticut on Record

There are reports of nickel, quarter, ping pong, and even golf ball size hail.  The storm swath is what really made the storm destructive.  It lasted for miles from the New York Border all the Way to Old Saybrook were hammered by one of the largest hail storms on record to hit the state.

There are cars and roofs that should be checked and inspected for damage.  Leaks would not usually show up until the winter, or might not show up at all to the untrained eye.  Hail does cause premature aging of the shingles.  Insurance companies know this and that is why they pay to replace roofs that have sufficient hail damage.

Litchfield to Old Saybrook Hammered by Hail storm

Connecticut Get Pumbled by Hail July 1st, 2012

This may have been one of the most damaging hail storms on record for the state of Connecticut.  This type of hail is rarely seen in this part of the country. There were even reports of hail the size of apples falling from the sky.

The Fox News Reporter stated the following on her blog:

“I have never seen so many storms with large hail in Connecticut. Hail the size of ping pongs fell from Litchfield county down to Old Saybrook with a long duration supercell. Although other hail was reported across the state, that one storm was by far the meanest.”

Hail In Connecticut may Go down as One of the Largest on record

The hail to hit Connecticut July 1st may go down as one of the longest lasting hail storms to date.

It may not have been the softball size hail you hear about in the midwest, but remember, this is Connecticut, We never see golf ball size hail.

“The worst of the hail came in and around the Waterbury and Watertown areas, where there were many reports of golf ball and larger sized hail.”

If you have not had your roof looked at by a professional, it might be a good time.  Insurance companies do replace hail damaged roofs.