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The Hail Damage is extensive in Watertown Ct

Find a Licensed Connecticut Roofing Professional to look for damage on your home in Watertown and Oakville.  There were even some reports in Cheshire and Wallingford.

Insurance companies are paying for tree removal, replacing some roofs and siding.  Even some windows and gutter damage has been noted.  Some are saying this is the largest hail storm to hit Connecticut in the last decade.  There are many roofs that are being replaced due to the recent hail.
Hail and Wind Pumbled Watertown Connecticut this last month. Broken windows and damaged roofs are some of the notable problems brought in by the hail.

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Large Hail Storm in Wallingford, Ct Get Roof Inspected

Large Hail Storm Blasts Wallingford, Ct Get Your Roof Inspected.

This hail storm on July 1st hammered Connecticut.  Wallingford was right in the storm path.

This kind of hail is not common to Connecticut.  Many people have had their cars looked at for hail damage, but ignored their roofs.

Insurance companies are paying to replace people roofs that have enough storm damage from the recent hail Storm

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WaterTown Roofing Contractors Repairing hail Damaged Roofs

A Recent hail Storm hit Watertown Ct recently Leaving Homes in need of repair.

The Storm downed trees and even reports of lightning strikes.  But the majority of the work in Watertown Ct is due to the large hail.  There were reports from marble size to golf ball size hail.  That is enough to viod the warranty on many shingles regardless of the age.

There is really no way to know how hard you house was hit with out a professional looking and inspecting the damage.  Your House does not have to look as bad as this one for the insurance to pay to repair your home.

Watertown Hail Damage Pic

This Photo is of hail damage in the Watertown and surrounding area.  One insurance adjuster said the damage in the Watertown area is the worst in the entire state of Connecticut.

Many Homeowners have filed claims on their cars because they can see the dents, but haven’t considered that their roofs, gutters, and siding could be damaged as well.  I have already talked to one homeowner who’s insurance company is paying 21,000$ for the siding damage alone.

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WaterTown Connecticut get hit with Golf Ball Size hail Video

The Storm lasted for Several Minutes in Watertown Connecticut.

This Summer has been a crazy one for hail across the U.S.  Would you believe that Connecticut had hail big enough to damage roofs.  That does not happen much in New England, but we had some golf ball size hail and a lot of it.

If you have not had your roof inspected by a professional roofing company you should call one.  Insurance companies have standards for hail damage being sufficient to warrant a total roof replacement.  Many shingle manufacturers will not warranty roofs damaged by hail.  Better have someone take a look.

Hail the Size of Golf Balls Hits Connecticut 2012

This is one of the worst hail Storms to hit Connecticut on Record

There are reports of nickel, quarter, ping pong, and even golf ball size hail.  The storm swath is what really made the storm destructive.  It lasted for miles from the New York Border all the Way to Old Saybrook were hammered by one of the largest hail storms on record to hit the state.

There are cars and roofs that should be checked and inspected for damage.  Leaks would not usually show up until the winter, or might not show up at all to the untrained eye.  Hail does cause premature aging of the shingles.  Insurance companies know this and that is why they pay to replace roofs that have sufficient hail damage.