Power Washing Ct

Power Washing Ct

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Due to the average homeowner spending most of their time indoors where it is nice and warm, sometimes the exteriors of the homes get a little dirty.  While hanging out inside the home keeps you away from the elements, there are many things that outside of your has to go through to keep you protected.

There is many times the wind and the rain that hammer away at the exterior of the home.  After the weather is going and the rain has dried up it leaves behind a thin layer of film.

This may not be that noticeable on your home at first.  But over time the layers get caked on the siding or paint.  The most extreme case would be when algae and most start to grow on the siding of your home.

Also what many homeowner will notice is the black film that starts to cake on the Guttering of your home.  This does not mean you need new gutters or even a new paint job, it may just need a good old fashioned pressure washing.

Benefits of Pressure Washing your Connecticut Home

Paint jobs for your home can last anywhere from 5-10 years maybe even longer.  Sometimes they start to look old because of a thing coat of white film that starts to make the paint look old and dingy.  Sometimes this does not mean you need a new paint job it could just mean you need a Pressure Washing.

Sometimes homes that were built before 1978 can not be professionally power washed because the paint could contain lead, and it is possible for the contractors to be fined. It is possible to find out if your house contains led in the paint, there are test kits. If your home is power wash and paint starts coming off, you may be ready for some new paint.

 Other areas of Your Connecticut home that can use Pressure washing include:

  1. Sidewalks
  2. Driveways
  3. Patios
  4. Siding – vinyl, aluminum, wood, concrete and more
  5. Gutters
  6. Even Decks

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Now many times when Power washing these Items you will need to have different cleaning solutions applied to pre-soak the soiled areas.  Even a little bit of scrubbing action may need to be applied to get the desired results.

Now it is usually good to get the gutters cleaned at the same time that the home is being pressure washed or vise versa.  This is because the same equipment is used and means there won’t have to be two trip charges

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